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A Book & Its Author

Mar 16, 2023

Jill Creech Bauer discusses & reads from The Soul’s Echo: Thirteen Pieces Of Short Fiction (Jill Creech Bauer, 2021), a collection of stories, some speculative, some literary, all steeped in deep empathy for those struggling to face the challenges of life & human connections.


Mar 9, 2023

Danny Nielsen discusses and reads from Straight Flossin’ And Other Stories Of The American West (Whistling Rabbit Press, 2022), a collection of essays about the author’s wanderings through landscapes filled with punishing heat, ornery skunks, menacing wildfires, and strange stewards of the desert.

Mar 2, 2023

Robert Aquinas McNally discusses and reads from The Modoc War: A Story Of Genocide At The Dawn Of America’s Gilded Age (Bison Books, 2017), which tells of the U. S. government’s violent 1872-1873 campaign to at first remove and then to extinguish the indigenous Modoc people in what would become California’s only...